• How can I choose the right size?

    We recommend first measuring yourself and then referring to our size chart You must also take into consideration how you like your clothing to fit as size is very much based on personal preference.
  • How can I leave a review?

    You can visit the product you purchased and click to leave a review or your can send us an email with your feedback too.
  • What are your Naked Feel products made with?

    Manufactured from the highest quality nylon-spandex blend our light weight, Naked Feel fabric, is designed for low impact & low friction settings like yoga. This fabric will have you feeling weightless and free to focus on your practice.
  • Where do your products come from?

    Our products are sourced from a few choice suppliers in China who pride themselves on their sustainable business standards. We ONLY work with suppliers who are WRAP compliant and maintain a high level of ethical integrity.